1. Ancient Medicine, Surgery and Pharmacology in the Mediterranean Region: N. Angelides (Nicosia, Cyprus) 
  1. Quo Vadis Vascular Surgery: M. Szostek (Warsaw, Poland) – President of the CEVF
  1. Importance of the microcirculation in the vascular skin trophic changes: P. Carpentier (Grenoble, France) – President of the IUA 
  1. The status of Vascular Surgery in the Mediterranean Countries: N. Angelides (Nicosia, Cyprus) – President of the MLAVS
  1. Consensus on Pelvic Congestion Syndrome: P. L. Antignani – (Rome, Italy) – Vice-President of the IUA
  1. Prevention of Cardio-embolic risk in patients with atrial fibrillation: State of the Art F. Pinto (Lisboa, Portugal) – past-President ESC
  1. Vascular protection by the non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants: the novelty from COMPASS: R. De Caterina (Chieti, Italy)
  1. Prevention and Treatment of Venous Thromboembolism (VTE): F. Dentali (Varese, Italy), supported by BAYER
  1. Prevention of Venous Thrombo-Embolism (VTE) in Oncology: C. Amato (Palermo, Italy), supported by DAIICHI-SANKYO
  1. Heart Failure with Preserved, mid-range and reduced Ejection Fraction: the misleading definition of the new guidelines: F. Fedele (Rome, Italy), President FIC
  1. Asymptomatic carotid plaque, inflammation and risk of events: beyond the charts of risk: S. Novo (Palermo, Italy)
  1. History of Arterial Hypertension: R. Zimlichman (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  1. Panajotis Balas: The Scientist, Surgeon, and Teacher & Philosopher: E. Hussein (Cairo, Egypt)
  1. New perspectives in the secondary prevention of CV events after the Odissey Outcome: S. Novo (Palermo, Italy), supported by SANOFI AVENTIS
  1. The correct actual indications and the results in the follow-up after TAVI: C. Indolfi (Catanzaro, Italy), President elect SIC
  1. Diabetes and cardiovascular events: a critical evaluation of trial results: F. Cosentino (Stockholm, Sweden)
  1. Role of endomyocardial biopsy in human heart failure: A. Frustaci (Rome, Italy)
  1. The recent History of Phlebology from the Perspective of a UIP Past President: A Scuderi (Sau Paulo, Brazil)
  1. Invasive procedures for varicose veins: comparison of different techniques: C Allegra (Rome, Italy), past-President CEVF

NON CME Lecture supported by AMGEN

New frontiers in treatment of familial hypercholesterolemia
Averna (Palermo, Italy)

Chairperson: G. Licata (Palermo, Italy)