Companies are offered the opportunity to sponsor Symposia within the general structure of the Meeting. The scientific value of the proposals will be examined by the Organizing Committee. The sessions will be scheduled in the CongressProgramme in the time slot specifically reserved.

60 minute Symposium
45 minute Lecture
30 minute Lecture (no Discussion)

• Slots will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

• Sponsoring Companies must accept financial responsibility of all aspects of their satellite symposia, including travel and stay expenses for the invited chairmen and speakers of their symposium.

• The sponsorship fee includes publication of the Symposium Programme in the Final Programme of the Congress, room rental and basic audio-visual equipment as follows:
– PC data projection
– screen
– laser pointer
– 2 microphones on the forum table
– 1 podium microphone
– 2 standing microphones for discussion
– 1 technician
– 1 hostess
– 150 Flyer promotion Symposium
To reserve a time slot, please, submit your Symposium programme proposal to the Scientific Secretariat and Organizing Secretariat.

Companies should apply for Symposia not later than 20 january 2018, by suggesting the complete scientific programme (title, presentations, chairmen and speakers). Acceptance will be based on the scientific interest of the proposal and the educational complementation to the main programme.

• The fee does not include speakers’ hospitality and the sponsoring companies must accept financial responsibility of all aspects of sponsored symposia, including registration, travel and accommodation expenses for chairmen and speakers of their symposium.

• Companies must agree the complete scientific programme of symposia with the Scientific Committee of the Congress

• The Scientific Committee will review the scientific programme in order to avoid overlapping with the main Congress programme.
The scientific programme will be finalized and included in the official programme.

• Companies supporting symposia or lectures are entitled to distribute the session announcement free of charge at the Congress venue. Announcements must be previously approved by the Organizing Committee.

• On-site presentation and promotion activities related to symposia/lectures is restricted to the company’s exhibition area.

• The Organizing Secretariat will provide a list of additional services/equipments to the sponsoring company for the organization of their symposium.

For inquiries, please contact: